Red Carpet Activation

60 Million+ Views Across our Socials

This video has become the most viewed video in Ireland in 2024, so we are trusting you have already seen it.

We rolled out a red carpet for unsuspecting strangers, celebrating the everyday individuals who make our city vibrant and special. The result was a viral sensation, garnering 60 million views worldwide and showcasing Belfast in a heartwarming light.


  • Highlight the friendliness and charm of Belfast.
  • Generate positive publicity for the city.
  • Encourage a sense of community and togetherness.


  • Viral Success: 60+ million views, widespread acclaim.
  • Media Coverage: Featured in major outlets, amplifying reach.
  • Community Impact: Fostered pride, inspired similar initiatives in other cities.


The Red Carpet activation highlighted the warmth of Belfast’s residents and created a global ripple effect of positivity, showcasing the power of community and small gestures.