Lizzo Mad for a Spice Bag in Belfast

Lizzo Mad for a Spice Bag in Belfast


@inspiringbelfast #duet with @lizzo When lizzo sees your spice bag recommendation but it didnt pull through @Lasa.Belfast #inspiringbelfast #spicebag #lizzobelfast #belfasttiktok #PlacesToVisit ♬ original sound - lizzo

In the realm of social media, trends come and go, capturing the attention of even the biggest stars. Lizzo, the talented musician and performer, found herself consumed by an irresistible craving after stumbling upon a video on inspiringBelfast's TikTok page.

Lured by the mouthwatering images on inspiringBelfast's TikTok page, Lizzo set her sights on finding the elusive Spice Bag during her stay in Belfast.

However, her attempts to obtain the sought-after dish proved to be more challenging than anticipated, leaving her disappointed and frustrated.

Turning to her TikTok platform, Lizzo shared her failed efforts and expressed her longing for the tantalising Spice Bag, striking a chord with fans and food enthusiasts alike.

Lizzo's TikTok video quickly gained traction, resonating with viewers who empathised with her culinary quest. The local media picked up the story, amplifying the excitement surrounding the search for the Belfast Spice Bag.

In response, Alan Wallace from inspiringBelfast stitched Lizzo's video, adding his clever and playful twist to the saga. This playful interaction showcased the influence and impact of TikTok as a platform for shared experiences and entertainment.

Lasa Belfast, the Filipino fusion food vendor, currently operates from a stand in Common Market on Dunbar Street in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter.

Conor and Elizabeth Brennan, the owners of Lasa Belfast, expressed their disappointment at missing out on serving Lizzo but are determined to ensure she gets to try their TikTok sensation.


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