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At Inspiring Belfast, we understand that the best way to capture the essence of a city is through the lens of those who know it best - local content creators.

We immerse ourselves in the vibrant streets, hidden gems, and dynamic culture of Belfast, and translate our experiences into engaging visual stories, captivating videos, and compelling written content.

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inspiring Belfast has become the #1 content creator in Belfast. Showcasing local hospitality venues and events with short, sharp and effective media. Having used iB for our own hospitality venue, they were extremely fast and efficient with their content creation which turned out much better than expected and importantly, created a higher return.

Sam Shepherd
Founder, Juice Jar

Alan is absolutely amazing at what he does! He is trailblazing the industry and has taken the initiative to do what no one else has done before in Belfast, I can say first hand that he has achieved stellar results and has achieved what no one would have believed was possible in a city of this size and has for sure left an indelible mark on the Belfast social media field.

Zoé Boyce

Such a great business, Alan goes above and beyond with hosting and organising the best networking events in Belfast! Great business to follow along to keep up with all things to do/see in Belfast. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Danielle Collins

Alan very kindly visited us at Lasa a few weeks back and created a wonderful review video! The reach and traction was outstanding! Thanks so much Alan! Fantastic content.

Conor Brennan
Founder, LASA Belfast

Had a brilliant experience and interaction with Alan, quality content that definitely delivers - Audacity Coffee seen an immediate increase in social following and footfall following inspiring Belfast's content on TikTok and Instagram. Excellent service and a great guy, would recommend.

Jamie Loughran
Founder, Audacity Coffee